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Public headquarters for monitoring the implementation of the renovation program

In Moscow, the Public Headquarters, which was created to control the resettlement program, began to work in full force. Recall that within the framework of the renovation project, it is planned to demolish almost 2 million square meters of residential space – these are apartments located in old dilapidated five-story buildings. Buildings built back in the 50-70s of the last century (and even earlier) do not meet modern requirements. It is impossible to live in them: the walls freeze through, the roof leaks – and this, as they say, the residents themselves are still “flowers”. For them, in the order of things – interruptions in heating and water, regular short circuits in electrical wiring, unpleasant smells of old sewage.

Renovation opmoscow ru

As part of the renovation program, Muscovites will receive housing in new panel and monolithic high-rise buildings. All moving costs are covered by the City Government. By the way, the premises are rented with a ready-made finish – no repairs are needed.

Highlights of activity

The headquarters for monitoring the implementation of the renovation program appeared in May 2017. Do not confuse it with the Moscow Renovation Fund – these are two completely different structures, each of which has its own goals and objectives. As for the headquarters for the implementation of the renovation program, the organization is public. The structure includes active and caring residents of Moscow, who are not indifferent to the fate of their native city.

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The Public Headquarters works on a permanent basis. It is designed, first of all, to protect the interest of ordinary people, to help them make a choice: to join the renovation program or refuse to participate, which is quite possible.

The organization was created at the request of the townspeople themselves – they needed a kind of adviser who would prompt and help, direct them on the right path, sort out the regulations and a huge amount of documentation while the renovation program was being implemented.

Free legal consultation

Moscow and Moscow region (Daily 9-21 h)

Answer within 15 minutes

Now citizens have several ways to interact with the headquarters at once:

The headquarters mobile group for the implementation of the housing renovation program usually consists of 2, 3 or 4 people. The commission travels to places where immediate assistance or advice is urgently required in parallel with the inspection of the territory. Not all people, for health reasons, are able to walk to the reception or even call the organization by phone. Employees of the body implementing the renovation program are required to visit such personally.
Council members also help organize and hold a general meeting of the residents of a particular house. Only by the decision of the majority of votes will the house be included in the program – this is the only available way. The project can be canceled at any time before the tenants move to new apartments. Various reasons:

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Any of these issues and problems are solved with the help of staff specialists. They help draw up appeals to higher authorities and independently protect the rights of ordinary citizens.

Composition of the headquarters

Renovation opmoscow ru

The following specialists were included in the created body:

How long will the organ work?

It is already known that the organization will operate while the resettlement program is being carried out. As soon as its action is over, the enterprise simply will not make sense.
Practice has already proved the need for a headquarters for the implementation of the housing renovation program. People are actively turning to specialists, the number of houses where citizens are “ripe” for resettlement has increased, although it was not possible to convince them before.

If public activists reveal the slightest violation of the rights of citizens, the headquarters for the implementation of the renovation program has the right to apply directly to the mayor of Moscow or immediately to the court – depending on the specific situation.

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Headquarters contacts, hotline

It is allowed to contact the public headquarters for monitoring the implementation of the renovation program in person. Any owner or official tenant of an apartment in the old building can do this. To call specialists, you need to dial the number of the multi-channel hotline phone: +7 (495) 646-87-09. Incoming calls are accepted from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 8 pm.

Renovation opmoscow ru

A personal reception is held in building No. 1 in the third house on Likhov Lane Street. Do not forget your passport – otherwise they will not let you inside. Pre-registration is also required. You can report your visit to the hotline number.

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