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Good afternoon Andrey Alekseevich. Help me understand my question:

I called the hotline, made an application for their specialist to contact me. It remains only to wait. In the chat of equity holders there is a person who has not been able to get consent for 1.5 months, constant replies come. Overall, customer service is top notch. So take millions from them and then you won’t be able to get a simple piece of paper.

Good afternoon Mk_FroDo .

I contacted the bank staff and received a response:

Good afternoon
Your feedback is being reviewed. We will get back to you with an answer.

Good afternoon Thank you for your prompt response to the review and the issuance of the necessary information. Problem solved.
I hope my review will somehow improve the attitude towards customer requests and we will not receive formal replies in response. In any case, I will be able to check this very soon when making a mortgage.

After the last review, I was informed – “We analyzed this situation together with the heads of relevant departments. Necessary measures have been taken to improve the quality
services provided.”

We would like to clarify that currently consultations are provided by the contact center staff or via chat. The specified mailbox is intended for receiving scanned copies of mortgage loan documents from clients.
Your requests to the chat or contact center regarding the receipt of payment documents were not recorded in the Bank’s system.
References and financial information are not sent by e-mail, since this communication channel is not secure. Inquiries and payment orders can be received at a convenient VTB office on the same day, the service is not provided remotely.
Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience.

Cheap Comprehensive Mortgage Insurance

The following moments are usually insured

Good afternoon. I have a loan agreement for a mortgage in Moscow. Please note that the next installment of comprehensive mortgage insurance has been paid.
Also signed additional Agreement.

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And I received this answer

Good afternoon, Dmitry Evgenievich!

We hereby confirm receipt of a copy of the Add. agreement and a copy of the receipt for payment of the insurance premium.

You pay annual insurance premiums — that is, you insure for a year. The amount of the annual insurance premium is usually equal to

Amount = Interest x (Balance of debt + 10% of the balance of debt)

That is, looking at the formula, the insurance amount is maximum at the first payment and minimum at the beginning of the last payment year.
Example of calculation of complex mortgage insurance. Let’s say we have a mortgage for 1 million, for 10 years at 12%. Insurance is usually up to 1% of the amount. For example, take 0.5
Thus the first payment

Amount =0.005 *(1 000 000 + 0.01 *1 000 0000) = 5500 rubles

I.e. Before issuing a loan, you will have to pay the insurance 5,500 rubles. Then the bank will issue a loan and a year will pass. You will pay a mortgage, or rather annuity payments.
In a year, your debt to the bank will decrease. The question is how to calculate the new insurance payment.
It’s pretty simple – you need a payment schedule. Take it by calculating the loan using the mortgage calculator (link on the right) Here is our payment schedule

Ipoteka support vtb ru

As can be seen from the payment schedule, the debt at the beginning of the new year is 944,891 rubles. It is this amount that is taken into account.
Substitute the data and get the insurance payment

Amount =0.005 *(940158.62 + 0.01 * 940158.62) = 5170.865 rubles

Insurance decreased by only 330 rubles. Those. A little.
Similarly, you can calculate in a year.

Comprehensive mortgage insurance and early repayment

Let’s consider how early repayments affect the size of the annual insurance premium.
To do this, we will repay our loan for 100 thousand rubles. The payment will be made on December 10, 2013. Type of early repayment – with a decrease in the amount.
This is what our schedule will look like after the delay.

Ipoteka support vtb ru

Based on the schedule after early repayments, our debt on January 12, 2014 is 777995.51
Calculate our insurance

Amount =0.005 *(777995.51 + 0.01 *777995.51) = 4278.97 rubles

If we did not make an early payment, then the principal debt would be equal to 877389.34 and the insurance would be calculated

Amount =0.005 *(877389.34 + 0.01 *877389.34) = 4825.635 rubles

That is, we saved 547 rubles on insurance. The amount is small, but the meaning of early repayments is visible – they not only reduce the total overpayment on the loan, but also make annual insurance payments smaller. The change in interest rate also makes premiums lower at the beginning of the billing year.
Short term repayments do not affect the amount of the annual insurance premium, because they reduce only the term of the loan, and the amount of debt remains constant.
But in the amount of insurance payments will also decrease, as the period will decrease. With a decrease in the term, the amount of all contributions will decrease.

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If you had early repayments, then you need to draw up an additional agreement to the comprehensive insurance contract. In the original contract, payments are prescribed without taking into account early payments.
The additional agreement will specify a different schedule for the payment of contributions – the amounts of payments will be different.

VTB 24 branch — information

Phone: 8-800-100-24-24 for individuals. persons, 8-800-707-24-24 for legal entities. persons, 8-800-500-24-24 for privileged clients

Opening hours and services

Department – opening hours and list of services provided.

Graph for physical. persons

Numbers are available for calls at any time +7 (495) 777-24-24 for questions about the work of Moscow outlets

8-800-100-24-24 free number for all regions of Russia

To clients who received a loan at the branches of VTB24 Bank

Reminder on drafting a mortgage

Dear customers! Please note that for borrowers who received a loan at additional offices of the Bank of Moscow located at:

1. Karetny Ryad Mortgage Lending Center

2. Smolensky Mortgage Lending Center

3. Center for Mortgage Lending “Kursky”

4. Mortgage lending center “Pushechny”

5. Novokuznetsky Mortgage Lending Center

On the issue of drawing up a mortgage, you must contact the support department of the Bank of Moscow: M. Kuznetsky most, st. Pushechnaya, house 5

VTB24 Bank branch located at Boulevard Entuziastov, building 2 does not accept documents for these loans.

To apply for a mortgage, you need:

Submit the following documents to VTB24 Bank (to the office of SO RIMSKY at the address: Entuziastov boulevard, 2 (metro Rimskaya/metro Ploshchad Ilyicha) — to the duty officer of the Mortgage Loans Customer Support Department – ​​Monday-Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Sat 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. without appointment):

– a copy of the agreement with the Developers (this may be a sale and purchase agreement (main or preliminary), a court decision, an equity participation agreement, an agreement on participation in a housing cooperative, an accumulation agreement (i.e. The document that is the basis for the emergence of ownership),

— copy of the loan agreement,

– a copy of an extract from the USRN with information on cadastral registration (if available), or technical documentation: floor plan and explication only for your apartment (you can request copies from your developer,

Promo codes for Zaimer for discounts

Loans for individuals at low interest

– a copy of the act of acceptance and transfer of the apartment (if any)

– a copy of the passport of the Borrower (first page, registration) and the spouse-guarantor (only if joint property),

— copy of marriage certificate (only if joint property),

— a copy of the SNILS of the borrower and the guarantor (if the guarantor is the owner)

— a report on the appraisal of an apartment completed by construction (object of appraisal: an apartment at a postal address) with a date not exceeding 6 months,

The list of valuation companies recommended by the Bank is given below, also available on the website of our Bank.

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All documents in ordinary uncertified copies (there is no need to bring originals).

It is also possible to use the services of a notary to draw up a mortgage. The term for drawing up a mortgage through a notary’s office: 5-7 days.

Further, the submission of a set of documents for registration of property along with a mortgage on the state. registration (there is a property and at the same time a pledge is imposed). If a certificate of ownership with a pledge has already been received at the time of signing the mortgage, then the mortgage is also submitted to reg. ward for state registration, but the presence of a Bank employee is required.

In the event that during the state registration of ownership, the pledge did not arise by virtue of law, in addition to drawing up a mortgage, it is necessary to conclude a mortgage agreement. A mortgage agreement is drawn up along with a mortgage, and is also submitted to the state. registration. In this case, it is necessary to provide an extract from the house book and the consent of the spouse to the pledge, the presence of a Bank employee, as well as payment of the state fee.

Please note that after the state registration of ownership of the apartment, you contact the insurance company to insure the apartment.

If your loan agreement involves changes in the interest rate for the title period, then you need to provide the Bank with the documents specified specifically in your Loan Agreement, clause 1.1.2 or clause 9.2 (10.2) (the list of documents may vary).

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