Sbp varia

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Deception! Steals data from your phone!!!

Hat. A window opens with nothing. Text only. And it says follow the link. Should I invent it myself?

SBP. Where are the banks?

Everything works! People, everything works! At first I also went into the application and there are no buttons, no links, nothing. The application is like an assistant, it does not work by itself! You need to go, for example, to the Sberbank application and in the Services section you can connect Transfer via SBP. And everything works and is translated, so I transferred the amount without commission from Sberbank to Tinkoff. Try it, don’t be angry at the developer!
And I want the developer to write more correctly in the description how exactly this application works, that it comes as an additional plugin, and not an independent application.

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Works. Everything is fine, thanks to the developers!

Useless app. In addition to the splash screen, nothing works, as when paying, it was impossible to select a bank, so everything remained. I do not recommend downloading

Useful application. It is necessary to “intercept” the SBP payment links so that it does not open in the last installed banking application, but you can choose which bank you can pay through

Appendix ZERO. Application ZERO

It doesn’t load beyond the start window. i Phone 8, iOS 15.3.1. After launch, a window with information about SBP VARIA is shown and hangs indefinitely.

Not working! Absolutely useless app. Does not allow you to select the desired bank, the same one automatically opens

Aleksey Sh. Everything works, after installing the application, a list of banks for selection opens via payment links. All my banks, including Sberbank, are. Before that, for some reason, Rosbank opened by default, which I almost never use. Now with payment links SBP order!

Stoloto. Does not work in the Stoloto application. Fix it.

N. Everything works, but not independently, but as a utility. You just need to install and that’s it.
From August 1, it became possible to transfer from a savings account to your account in another bank only with a commission. After installing this application, you can transfer without commission, CHOOSE IN THE APPLICATION OF THE REQUIRED BANK, transfer to the account through the SBP without commission. The instructions there will tell you everything.

Finally it works perfectly. Hooray! I finally waited when the choice of all banks is displayed in all scenarios.
Thank you very much, you are great! 🙂

One of the worst. Just a bastard app that doesn’t work. There are no instructions. Can not understand anything.
Avtodor can not pay through the link. By default, offers Sber. Put the application. Nothing has changed. Still only Sber. You can’t select anything in the app itself.

Great app. An application for choosing through which bank application to pay when paying through links on sites.
What was missing! Thanks to the developer.
For those who put units, you first read what this application is for!

Thank you! Everything works (if there is a drop of the brain). People! Read the instructions. Are you all in yourself???)))))) Everything works. Just need to figure it out (it will take 5 minutes)

It just won’t open. Downloaded in order to find alpha bank and another attempt to find a replacement for Apple Pay, result: splash screen and nothing else, the application simply does not work on iPhone 13pro

Not working. I have everything connected in many banks for SBP and there is no priority for any of the banks. But when paying through the sbp system (for example, utilities), without any choice, it immediately transfers to Sovcombank (at least take and delete the Sovcombank application to understand why it doesn’t work). In short, it really does not work on a stub.

Rating: negative. This is not an app. This is a complete misunderstanding. In general – what is it?!

Empty. Not working

SBP varia. Just doesn’t work

Everything works! This application, indeed, as written below, is an assistance in paying through the SBP. For example, I replenish the Wallet in the Avtodor application, through the SBP, but I opened only one bank where I did not have the required amount, and so, when installing this application, now I have the choice of the bank I need when paying! That’s all! Thanks to the developer!

SBP Varia. Doesn’t work, stupid banner, without any links.

Bank selection. Before writing negative reviews, read what this app is for. It fulfills its purpose perfectly. On iOs, it is not possible to select a banking application when paying via an SBP link (a QR code can be presented as a link, without the usual visualization). Let me explain for those who are especially angry and gifted: for example, you received a link in a letter to pay by SBP or a letter with an active button for payment, and you have several banking applications on your iPhone. Some application will open spontaneously and it is not a fact that it will be the application of the bank from which you are going to pay. If you have the VARIO app installed, you will be able to select the banking app yourself. V ARIO is, roughly speaking, a crutch for iOs. This application does not need to be opened, it just needs to be installed, it will fulfill its mission in situations like the ones I described above. Thank you developers!

Doesn’t help. I pay in the Avtodor application, it is written that it opens when paying My Budget. It is written put sbp varia to select the bank application. Put. Restarted. Did not help. Everything also opens Your Budget

Doesn’t work on IOS. Doesn’t work on IOS

Are you stupid?!? Why bother developing something if you don’t know how?!?

Ha. App not working

Great!! The app is working!! Without this application on IOS, there is no way to select a bank when paying via SBP. With this application, there are no problems with transferring through the desired bank! Thanks developers!!

Where is the button? Where is the button?

A. Guys who put 5 stars, you probably don’t know that it was possible without this application to transfer money through the sbp to the Sberbank application to another bank


The app doesn’t work at all. There is no link that the developer writes about to select a bank and further payment. Unpleasant😖

Necessary, useful application. The app works great! Thank you!
When paying via SBP, it transfers to the application and I select the desired bank

How? So what do you need to do? Well, I read about the application on the welcome screen. I read it again. I read it slowly. AND? What’s next? The whole point is to view this information, or what?
You guys, twist it where it’s supposed to be, otherwise your jets seem to be coked. The softina does not go at all.

Doesn’t see SBPey. And what’s the point of this program?
sees Yandex Wallet (YMoney)
but he does NOT see his own SBPey !! (installed on phone)
deleted and sbpay and this strange app!)

Everything works. This is a kind of crutch on iOS, but a working one. On sites where payment is SBP, when you click pay, it throws into this application. And from there you can choose the desired bank, for those who have several.
Add only SBOL separately please. Otherwise, it throws into the old application.

Good app, well done developer. Everything works as it should. When paying, a window with a bank selection is launched.

The app works! Unfortunately, the description does not describe the principle of the application, hence a lot of questions and negative ratings. The application is quite simple to install and do not touch anymore, at the time of payment you will see a new menu with a choice of a bank and its application. Thanks to the developers, but you need to explain to people how it works!

Does not open. Opened the initial picture and everything! No back, no forward!

Everything works. You point the camera at the qr code and follow the link, the application helps you choose the bank through which the payment will be made

SBP. Fucked up developer. Shitmaker.

Not working. The Avtodor application does not work, there is no way to select the desired bank

Great! How I suffered for a long time with these banks! THANK YOU SO MUCH TO THE DEVELOPER!!!

Don’t justify bad reviews. Well, this app is installed, only when you open the link to the sbp payment, as there was no choice and no

The app works! The app is working! Without it, it was impossible to choose a bank, now it’s easy. I paid for electricity perfectly and very quickly! Thank you!

Everything is cool But! Add Promsvyazbank, they now have an application called “Your Budget”
Thank you!

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Not working. I downloaded it, installed it, I launch it, the screen hangs With the heading SBP VARIA and the description of the application below. Nothing else happens, no buttons either.

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Great app. People who bought an iPhone are so incapable of reading and understanding what they read that I am horrified by this.
The application works fine, I buy both in KB and on Yandex food using it
Tinkoff has a QR payment function, but it does not work properly or does not work at all.
And with the help of VARIA, I just point at the QR through a regular camera and VARIA opens for me and allows me to choose a bank for payment, with the help of it in Tinkoff I now instantly pay by QR

👎👎👎👎. Not working

Excellent. Thanks a lot for the app. Very helpful.

Empty. There is nothing in this app

How to live with this application. Who writes positive reviews? Where you were paid for it, I want it too.

Fire app! People who write that the application is bad, you just still use a push-button phone 🙂

Sucks and pointless). A pointless application that simply translates with a link to the mobile application of banks that do not exist. And without this, it is impossible to pay somehow through this system.

SBP works! Guys, everything works fine) but not through the application itself, but where you want to pay! With the first click, it translates, links to your cards and online banks that are installed in your phone! A great analogue of apple-pay, a little longer, but everything works without any extra effort👍 thanks

Feedback. Dear developer, something is wrong with the application. The first page opens and that’s it. Just in case, I rebooted the phone, but everything is useless, maybe an update needs to be released

What is it. I understand that this is a stub application.
Now the functionality is zero, but perhaps in the distant future there will be something.
Or maybe not.
But I think it’s stupid to release such a thing. It would be possible to make a labeled dummy, at least with some useful information.

Great helper. Thanks a lot! An excellent application as an assistant in choosing a bank when paying via sbp. Helps a lot. I wish you success!

I am without words. I am without words

I am not Him

This app is amazing! For what? It?

The application does not work. Application not working! If you could download the Sberbank application to the new iPhone, then you wouldn’t have to look for SBP separately!

There are shortcomings. Firstly, there is no place about this application, that is, I have to find out about it somehow myself, at least you made it so that it was somehow notified about it. Well, I mean that when paying for its existence, it is very difficult to guess. I found out about it by accident when I was downloading the SBPey app.
Secondly, there is no SBPey application in the list.

Not working. Not working

Not working. Don’t waste time, nothing works

Everything works! Everything works fine, at first I was confused, because there were no buttons and other things, then I just CAREFULLY re-read the instructions))

Application-instruction, what kind of nonsense???? Completely miserable, I do not advise

Not working!!!! I have Sberbank, Tinkoff, Yu. Money. They send me a link with payment by SBR, it opens through Tinkoff, I deleted Tinkoff, it began to open through Yumoney, I installed the application in general, but the links still open through Yumoney, but I need Sberbank! Refine!

Sucks. Dumb app. Nichrome doesn’t work. It hung at the start and that’s it.

Hanging. The application started and hung! What was the point of trying, inventing?

VTB Balance. Add vtb balance please! Do not listen to the thugs who write a negative review, everything works!

Not working. The application is not working. When you click on the “Pay SBP” button in a third-party program, the idiotic yumony is still launched, and not the SBP Varia.

Horror. Read read read read.
came in came in
And nothing 🤷‍♂️. Only one page with text what needs to be done.

Can’t open on iPhone 11 pro!!! Can’t open on iphone 11 pro

Just a window. No buttons, no actions. Apparently the developers abandoned it. There are no updates, there is no reaction to its complete uselessness either.

Brad. Hmm, downloaded and everything, do not load beyond the initial page. how is this generally missed in the AppStore.

Not working. The application starts and the splash screen hangs, what to do next ?!?!?!?

commentators are idiots😬😬. Are the people in the comments stupid? even in the application itself it says that this is an additional application, it comes as a plugin

Everything works!!! Everyone who writes “does not work” did not even try to figure it out! The application itself does not work, only in conjunction with the payment link via sbp.
When this program is not available, a chaotic banking application opens. With this program, you can choose through which bank to make a payment

Maybe Russia doesn’t need programmers?! Aaaaaa?!

It is immediately obvious that normal developers cannot afford the Central Bank. Came in and that’s it. It’s even interesting how much money they spent to make this application bespontovy. In principle, they could send to the page from Wikipedia immediately, the function of the application seems to be the same as that of the Wikipedia page about SBP

Not working!! The app is not working!!

Hat. Does not work
Disgraceful developers!

Instruction. Nichrome not clear what and how give instructions

Bad. When choosing a bank, it is possible to pay every other time, sometimes you need to scan the code several times.

Not working. Opens Select bank and no buttons

A. The application has opened and does not work
Some kind of nonsense

In advance. The idea is good, looking forward to the implementation. You are needed now more than ever.

!!!! Got a flurry of bad reviews!
There is no your bank, but how does the application itself work?! Because of the indignation of youngsters, nothing is clear, adequate users, respond!

Useless application. April 1st is long gone. It looks like the developers scored on the application, and the rest just shook the air and were blown away. It did not and still does not have large banks, such as Sberbank, Tinkoff Bank, Alfa Bank, etc. Useless application and utopia in its implementation.

No banks from April 1st. As many “authorities” wrote about the appearance of large banks such as Tinkov, Sberbank, etc. from April 1,
On the calendar April 10, and in the application exactly zero of the banks that I use.
It’s sad, but we don’t have worthy analogues of apple pay now.
Developers, will you do something about this?

Stupidity, not SBP. Disgusting app! 4 banks that very few people use at all! Where is VTB, Sberbank, Alpha, Tinkoff?!

We believe in you. Guys, try to make an analogue of applepay so that you can call a virtual card with two clicks on the shutdown button. Now it’s more important than ever. We believe in you

Crimea. Why is there no access to the service from Crimea?

Payment. What is the point of this application if there are no major banks (Tinkoff, VTB, Alfa, etc.) at all?

Where is Sberbank???? Why is there no savings????

STUPID PEOPLE WITH ONE STAR. Look forward to April 1st. There are no other banks, since these banks themselves have not yet caught up. Wait until they integrate to themselves.
Put one star without even knowing the whole point. Either read to the end and not through the lines, or do not put your ridiculous and unfounded reviews with one star at all.

Full hat!!! What mu-k developed this? There is not a single bank that I use Sberbank, Tinkoff, Alfa, VTB, where are they ????

To put it mildly, WHAT! You first bring the application to mind, then launch it to the masses! The third time I download, the third time I am convinced that KAKA. Pay as it did not work and it does not work, everything is paid perfectly through the banking application. Judging by the start of the application, it will soon finish with a hundred years behind 😁

Where? Promised all banks from April 1? Sberbank, Tinkoff, VTB? ) or was it a joke?

I believe in you. Hello guys. I believe that in the near future you will add to the list of Russian banks popular among the population. And your iOS app will become a “killer” for wallet and Apple Pay. 🤗

Not working. No code, no nfc. Some error pops up and pays nothing.
Update review after answer:
Bank – Savings. And why should I contact them, if without an application everything is paid for and works, they will only divorce with their hands. I think the ball is still on your side, something really doesn’t work, a lot of people have already spoken about this.

Unban the world on Apple Pay! We know it’s your initiative!

Who is this for? There are no well-known and widespread banks.

Deleted. I downloaded with enthusiasm and tried it. Does not work. It’s a pity, I’ll download it in a year, when it will be finalized and will start working normally.

The application was abandoned, scored and forgotten? When can we expect the next update? Why is there no Yandex Bank in the list???

There are no required banks. 50 banks and all of them are unfamiliar. And where is VTB, Sberbank, Alfabank? Bye one

Your hands are crooked. You didn’t come out with your snout to get around the sanctions! Only on the first channel everything is fine and everyone was defeated, but in practice a complete failure !!! Nothing works at all, neither QR nor NFC !!! The benefits of your application as from officials in Russia are pouring money in, but zero sense!

Where is the action? When will Sberbank, Gazprombank, VTB, Alfabank appear? And if you do not answer the questions posed, it does not mean that these questions do not exist!

No analogues :D. Garbage from all over the country was collected and stuffed here!

The main thing is that there is a replacement for Apple Pay! And then the grass does not grow!

You give import substitution! Let’s go brothers! Add the rest of the banks and we will work, in spite of all these political prostitutes from the “gnawed” offices

Where? Where is Sberbank?
Where is Gazprom?
Where is alpha?

The idea is good. But how to connect if there are 4 banks to choose from, of which I am not a client: no Tinkoff, no Sberbank or VTB, some kind of Russian standard, long forgotten

Support. Hello, we need to support the developers in the current not the best time, when everyone stopped working, good luck in developing the application, it is clear that everything will not work out right away, we will wait !!!

Something different and new. Great application: I don’t know how it will work on apples, but on an android smartphone I already managed to evaluate a cool idea. It’s funny to read the negative reviews of stupid and narrow-minded people who are not even able to distinguish between SBPey and SberPay: The Fast Payment System (SBP) has nothing to do with Sberbank and its services. We look forward to adding all the banks in April – this is primarily the task of themselves, and not the NSPK

We are waiting. We are waiting for payments via NFC, we believe and wait, guys, we believe in you, it would be very convenient 👍

What is it. The list of available banks is striking in its absurdity. This is a list of outsiders whose names I see for the first time. Horns and Hooves Organizations

Horror. Worst app ever! My banks don’t exist! Apple Pay is no substitute!

Complete shit. Don’t install it, it’s useless. The developer in the face spit for such an invention.

Develop. So far, banks are represented, the audience of which is ridiculous relative to the banks of the top five. When savings, alpha, vtb, gpb, discovery, etc. appear, then the application will become cool. And so far for a C grade for a small circle of users. I wish you to attract at least the top five Russian banks to cooperation as soon as possible! Unfortunately, I cannot use this application due to the lack of banks that I am a client of. Good luck and fast development! It’s hard for us apple people without you))

NFC does not work. Useless app, doesn’t work. What’s the point of the app? It’s useless!

Banks. Where are the normal banks? The meaning of the application is absolutely unclear

Payment technology. Gentlemen who are interested, I will save your time. Apple did not open access to developers to HCE, because of this, there will never be a real replacement for Apple Pay on the iPhone, and whoever does will violate the Apple license agreement. The NFC payment technology specified in the application description works on the principle of replacing a camera that recognizes a QR code, receives information and transfers money from your bank account to the seller’s account. To use it, you need the acquiring of the outlet to support not only the NFC card emulation tag, but the QR code tag for the SBP. Such terminals are just beginning to appear. There is no need to monitor whether your bank is in this application or not. In any application of your bank, it works faster, hold your finger on the icon of your bank, select payment by QR code and pay. Why I won’t use this app – optimization, animations, login data storage. In my opinion, it is implemented so crookedly that there are no words. People who have access to the SBP API have absolutely no mobile app development skills. Instead of dynamically loading the list of banks, you store the entire array of data in one variable, which is why this laggy animation appears (one of the reasons). Secondly, the data settings and their storage are simply disgusting. iOS users are used to reactive applications. So for now I will carry a second compact android phone as a wallet. And it works faster through World Pay.

Savings. Where are Sberbank and other well-known banks?

Impatient. What kind of impatient people we have then, wait a bit, and everything will be fixed, Lord 🤦‍♀️ why does the application give bad marks ahead of time

Bank selection. Why is there no Sberbank?

Not worthy of appreciation. Stillborn product. A selection of banks from the “most unpopular” and “forgotten forever” categories.

Not working. There are no Belarusian banks, although the world should work in Belarus

Lol. The app developer’s bank card is not in the list🙃

I don’t know. Please add the world and I will correct the rating

Disgusting. At the first attempt to transfer lost money. Never use this system

bad. cannot pay by phone, error pops up

There are not many banks. There are no such popular banks as Tinkoff, Sberbank and Alfa Bank.
Therefore, it is simply impossible to use the application to use the application.
Banks will appear, I will correct the assessment, but for now two stars.

It turned out to pay by nfc. Tinkoff Bank has been added for a long time and it is connected by account number

There are not many banks. There are not many popular banks, such as Tinkoff and Alfa Bank. Therefore, it is simply impossible to use the application, as there are other applications for paying by phone. I will increase the rating as you add

Logo. In modern conditions, you need to think about the colors, it resembles the colors of the LGBT, which does not correspond to the latest decrees

No savings bank. Bad

Flies out. The application crashes on opening, right after the launchscreen – crash(

Don’t pay. I can’t pay, it writes the wrong qr, although everything is fine through the banking application. With what can be connected?

NFC does not work. I downloaded this application in the hope that I could pay with my apple again as before, but no miracle has happened yet. When paying, Valet crashes into the process and blocks the use, and when paying with a QR code, it is carried out as a transfer of funds, which automatically deprives the cash back. All in all, this is a useless app for me.

. Sberbank seems to have appeared, but the service is unavailable. What is the problem???

And the meaning of the application? Useless application, linked an account and wherever I tried to pay, for everything “payment from this account is impossible”

Can’t read qr code. The same qr code, in the same store, at the same time, the application does not see on the terminal screen and sees and the payment goes through if this qr code is printed on paper

Contactless payment. Contactless payment not working

Add Tinkoff. Add Tinkoff 🙏

Not working. I downloaded the application, it gives an error like a bad connection with a connection, tried it 7 times and again an error

Not working. Downloaded. Registered. Linked a Sberbank card. There was a button “pay by nfc”. Came to buy lunch. I am running your program. Writes “bring the device.” I offer. iPhone wallet launches. Accordingly, the payment does not go through. The program is not working. 🤷🏻‍♂️

NFC. NFC payment not working

Not working. I tied Sberbank, but payment via nfc does not work at all, the meaning of the application is not clear!

Cool 😎. It is a pity that the cashback is not intended for this type of payment, but in our reality it is convenient.

For those who write that their bank is not there, then contact your bank 🏦!
For example, I wrote in support of Raiffeisen Bank and after a while it appeared in this application. 🤭

Why? Why is this needed when this functionality is available in regular banking applications?

Not working. Just doesn’t work

I see a great future. Strength and patience to you. Payment by QR codes is gaining momentum, maybe terminals will start appearing soon.
The “pay by nfc” button warmed my heart, I didn’t check it, but I think it doesn’t work the way everyone expects. Keep experimenting and connecting new banks!

NFC. NFC does not work with a bank post card. Maybe others. They don’t work either. i Phone 12max.

NFC does not work. When trying to pay nfc on the terminal, the error “Error reading NFC tag. Errors occurred while reading the NFC tag. Please try again later.”
Question: how did you test nfc (which you write about many times in the answers) that the payment does not go through in any way? What does “Try again later” mean? I’m not going to wait several hours (or even a few minutes) to make a payment.
I advise you to test your system again using conventional terminals in stores, and then declare such functionality. However, the idea is not bad, keep developing it. When you fix the application, I will fix my score, but so far, unfortunately, only 2/5.

Sberbank card. The application does not work, it gives an error when paying! Rating 1, although I put 0 but you can’t!

not really. to be honest, not much. I forgot my card, I wanted to pay by sbpay, I got an error.

Feedback. Yesterday I downloaded the application, today I tried to try to pay in several stores. Nothing happened.

Hat! NFC not working

The idea is good but not working. Payment does not go through nfc, does not read tags, does not read qr, writes an error, although it just reads everything wonderfully from the camera.

Sberbank appeared. It remains to check the performance.
Is it really possible to go without a map now?

Registration. At the stage of registering a card and an account, it writes an incorrect number. But this cannot be.

Not working. Don’t download the app, it makes no sense

The application does not work. Application doesn’t work. At different points I tried to pay, it gives an error.

Well done! Less than six months have passed, and the list of banks is no longer from 4 banks, but many times more!

Not working. Doesn’t work at all. Don’t waste time downloading.

Sberbank of Russia. I enter the phone number and account number. Gives an error type not found account number and phone number🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

Not working. The meaning of your proposal is frankly not clear. I added a Sberbank card, I’m trying to pay, and when paying, the application opens an Apple Pay where it’s not possible to pay with a card. I could open appalpay without your app

Background mode. After a successful payment in the store, the application was minimized (on an iPhone, this is a common practice because applications do not close there, but remain in the background in RAM) later that day, I go to the same store and, on a relaxed basis, buy goods in the same way, but nothing works! I scan the QR code, but it does not scan, just stupidly nothing happens! It turns out that when I launched the SBP application, I didn’t restart it, but deployed it from the background and after that nothing will work! To start working, you need to stupidly unload the application from the background and restart it !!!

NFC on iPhone. What’s the point of adding NFC to iOS if payment doesn’t work?

Launch. Just a terrible app! I start, I choose a bank, writes the previous data will be erased, continue and that’s it! Again writes select bank

A bunch of third-party banks. There are no major banks. A bunch of leftist banks. No, no Tinkov, no alpha, no savings!

Not working. I downloaded the application, the “Start” button is on the title page, then it says there is no Internet connection. My internet is ok. Problem on your end! So far one star. Solve the problem.
The solution is simple. Your app only works over a VPN. Accordingly, I don’t really want to trust payment and bills to a dubious application that conducts everything through VPN! Did you make an application not for Russia?

Gno. Not an app, but shit, I’m sorry. Doesn’t work, constantly “service unavailable” delete

Banks and services. When will Yumani and Qiwi Bank services appear?

Double authorization. First, it requires you to log in with your Apple ID. Then, after scanning the QR code, it requires a fingerprint.
Each such additional step is a big minus, as it increases the time at the checkout, where there may be a queue, do you understand?
Ideally, it should be like in Tinkoff, which does not require any authorization at all if you have recently unlocked your phone.

Also, the visual design is not modern. Not in iOS style. 🙁

Not working. N FC does not work, but by qr code and so in any application

Without Sberbank ((. It makes no sense without Sberbank

Lady AngeL DarknesS

Sber does not work. I connected two Sberbank accounts VISA and MIR both do not work! Terminals 100% Savings Bank.

Forced to delete so far useless application. Good afternoon developers! Doesn’t work either with NFC code not being scanned. Forced to remove so far useless application.

Keep it up! 👍. Well done guys! It remains to wait for the connection of the “green” and “yellow” banks. I think it’s a matter of time! Let’s support the guys, because they are trying to make our life more comfortable in this difficult time!

NFS doesn’t work. When paying with a QR code, everything goes well, but NFS read error, sadness

NFC payment does not work. Good afternoon. The ability to pay via NFC in the application is present, but does not work. Gives an error reading the NFC tag. When will this be fixed? And it’s also very long and inconvenient to pay by QR code. i Phone XR, iOS 15.7.1 Thank you.


Replenishment of a personal account through the Faster Payments System (FPS)

Sbp varia

Sbp varia

How to choose a banking app
for payment on IOS

1. Scan the QR code and touch the “Decode” icon.
2. In the new window, select one of the banking applications installed on your smartphone.
3. Follow further instructions in the bank application.

After selecting the appropriate banking application, it will be automatically offered for subsequent payments through the Fast Payment System.

To select another bank, by scanning the QR code, you must again touch the “Decipher” icon and select another bank, or use the “SBP VARIA” application.

How to choose a banking application
for payment on Android

1. Scan the QR code and follow the link.
2. The window will display all installed applications through which it is possible to make a payment.
3. Follow further instructions in the bank application.

By selecting the appropriate banking application, you can set it as the default application for payment through the Quick Application System or select the application for the current payment only. If you want to reset the default banking app selection:

1. Go to Settings on your phone.
2. Select Apps & Notifications.
3. Select the bank’s mobile application or browser.
4. Select “Open by default”.
5. Click on the “Delete default settings” button.

How to scan a QR code through an existing banking app

1. Open the bank application on your smartphone.
2. Go to the “Payments” section.
3. Select the menu item “Payment by QR code”.
4. Scan the QR code with your phone’s camera.

How to pay using the SBP button

1. Select the SBP payment button or the SBP payment method in the payment menu.
2. A list of banks will appear on the smartphone screen – select the required bank.
3. Confirm the payment in the banking application.

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